As a campaign hitman, I do not disclose which specific agencies I perform hits for on a freelance and contract basis.
But my full-time agency tenure has included some of the top traditional and digital agencies - and my work has spanned nearly every vertical and platform.

For the past 17 years, my work has been fully dedicated to the interactive and digital space
- a world where 'interactive' means more than 'point-and-click'.

There are three types of ad agency models I have delivered work for - digital agencies, traditional agencies, and integrated agencies. Prior to 1999, I created campaigns exclusively for television, print and radio - and then took the leap into the online space. What had started as websites and banners, quickly became total immersive brand experiences through rich media, microsites and authentic dialogue via features, functions, technology and platforms of web 2.0, The traditional campaign simply found a new place to live - a place that not only allows for engaging user-controlled experiences, but real conversations between consumer and brand - and consumer-to-consumer about brand. And while closely following the innovation and technology over the past decade, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to reach consumers across multiple technologies and platforms.
While leading and producing campaigns for agencies, I regularly worked with production houses and film studios to bring our campaigns to life - mostly for television spots. But the evolution of the agency model over the last 10 years has seen a dramatic transformation in many production shops - now being contacted directly by clients to 'create' campaigns. The economy has also been a factor forcing tighter campaign budgets. But what's missing from this equation is the key to any successful campaign - the big idea storytelling component. And this is where I come in. I evaluate the client assignment, develop strategy, concept the big idea, write the campaign, and produce the storyboards to guide the creative execution. The opportunity here is that a highly creative and successful campaign will elevate the client relationship resulting in extreme business growth for the production house - and beefing up their portfolio to attain additional clients and work.
Just like production houses, animation studios have also reaped the benefits of an influx of new campaign opportunities directly from clients. While the studio offers a different skillset than the production house - including 3D photoreal, animation and motion graphics, the same traditional campaign component is missing from the equation. My animation studio clients bring me in to evaluate the assignment, sort and simply the product offering and specifications into a logical foundation for a campaign. I am then charged with developing and aligning the strategy with client goals and objectives and then delivering unconventional campaign idea options to present to the client. Once the client has made their concept selection, I am often brought in to blow out the storyboards and guide the creative execution through completion. My efforts have always had a positive impact on growing existing accounts and an influx of new business.