From project inception - to final delivery, I deliver. I've been told my brain hyper-functions on both the right and left side equally. I am I creative? Yes. But it doesn't stop with creative execution - I have the ability to take very complicated data and quickly sort and simply in very unusually and unexpected ways. I develop business operation and product launch strategies that effectively drive consumer purchase and business growth - and develop campaign strategies that effectively change consumer perception and behavior based on the psychological code of need and want. So let's break it down...  
Strategy is simply the roadmap to reach client goals and objectives for a campaign. I have personally led strategy sessions for both creative and account service teams, as well as on-site client teams for product and service launches. I specialize in advertising and marketing strategies for advertising and marketing campaigns - from start-up companies to big brands. The right strategic roadmap will guide all campaign efforts through execution and launch.
Development can mean many things - but the reference here is about the processes I have implemented in creating a highly successful campaign. I have served in many capacities during my advertising career - including copywriter, art director, designer, and illustrator. Being able to successfully develop every stage of a campaign - from the front-end business development and brand strategy - all the way through the entire campaign production and launch - gives me great insight when I am leading a team.
Process is all about having the right tools to execute a solid and effective advertising/marketing campaign - not only on-target - but also within the budget and timeline requirements of an individual assignment. I have deep experience in properly evaluating a client project outline, sorting-and-simplifing the data to develop sound strategy, and executing a solid creative brief to lead to creative excellence. My process does not involve dictation for production, but rather a solid set of tools that encourages creative exploration.
Every campaign begins with client parameters and objectives. Conception of the 'big idea' begins when the creative team is properly equipped with the right information. I have proven experience in concepting the big idea and highly successful in getting the best out of creatives. Leading is not a matter of guiding your team to a definitive preconceived deliverable, but rather getting them to dive into the consumer target perspective to deliver creative solutions that nail the outlined strategy in amazing and unexpected ways.
Creative execution can not fall short of anticipated opportunity - but can when the creative team is not given sufficient time to execute. The key to a successful creative outcome is to give proper balance between project review and q&a, strategy development, brainstorming, and creative execution. Can the entire process be fast-tracked for projects with very tight turnarounds and smaller budgets - and still execute great creative? Absolutely - and I have the experience in doing just that.
There are two types of business development - growing existing client accounts and winning new client work. But it is absolutely crucial to understand the proper balance of these two pursuits and how to do it successfully. I have extensive experience in both arenas - delivering great creative and presenting creative opportunities for existing clients, as well as serving nearly two years where my only function was to lead strategy and creative for new business pitches - with win-rates at 67% to 74%.