Delivering the Unexpected

Well, Bret Stout has spent over two decades concepting the big idea for big brands, as well as mid-size and start-ups, consistently changing consumer perception - to alter behavior - and ultimately, driving product purchase and consumer consumption. He calls it "breaking the code" - and he does it by delivering the unexpected.

Bret Stout has extensive and proven experience leading multidisciplinary teams with passion and enthusiasm from a highly strategic perspective that always aligns with consumer data, analytics and insight.

You Know His Work

Need proof? Well, chances are, you have felt the impact of Bret Stout's work:

Have you ever uttered the phrase, "Reach out and touch someone"? (Creator of the "E.T. Phones Home" T.V. spot making the (then) recently launched tagline "Reach Out and Touch Someone" well-known and wide-spred by having E.T. reach out and his finger lighting up)
Have you ever ordered a pizza online? (Concept creator pitching idea to Pizza Hut)

Did you switch from dial up modem to DSL because you perceived it to be fast? (concept creator, advertising campaign)
Did you ever try a Diet Coke Plus because you believed it was "a great thing made even better"? (concept creator, new product launch)
Have you ever gone online to get an auto insurance quote? (concept creator, user-centric interactive application)
Ever bypass the ticket counter and use the eTicket machine to board your airline? (user interface design and new product launch)
Ever download a widget to remind you to take your meds? (concept creator, interactive widget)
Did you ever choose a pair of Reeboks over the more popular Nike brand? (brand campaign)
Have you ever booked a Norwegian Cruise because you knew you wouldn't be treated like a 'robot'? (brand campaign)
Ever used a touch-enabled Palm Pre, Blackberry or HP touchscreen? (user interface design)

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you have experienced the impact of what Bret Stout can do for a brand – forever changing the way you see, access and interact with the world around you. It's all about being focused on target-centric design - and delivering compelling storytelling - both visually and verbally.

Bottom line, Bret Stout is a master storyteller. He leverages consumer data to develop award-winning campaigns that always reach and exceed project objectives.

The 360 Degree Advertising Career

Bret Stout began his career in advertising in traditional agency model (working in television, print and radio) and jumped over to the interactive/digital space in 1999 (website, microsites, rich-media, flash, animation, hand-held user-interface design). He dove deep into search strategy in 2002 and has developed his own unique, multi-tier approach to search engine optimization.

The Wealth of Brand Experience on Every Vertical

He consistently produces award-winning work for major brands on nearly every platform and vertical.

The Award-Winning Work

In just the past two years, Bret Stout's work has been recognized with a Silver Telly Award, two Bronze Telly Awards, two Telly People's Choice Awards, six ADDY Awards, a Creativity Annual Award, and a Creativity International Award.

During his career, he has won 8 Telly Awards, 36 Local, Regional and National ADDY Awards, 6 New York Festivals Awards, 1 RAMA Award, 1 Effie Award, 1 AICP Award, 14 WEBBY Awards, 12 Ad:Tech Awards, 8 DFWIMA/EMMA Awards, and a Creative Circle Award, among many others.

The Traditional Advertising Agency Model

1999 and prior, he served in various capacities within the traditional advertising agency model (television, print and radio) including tenures with Leo-Burnett, Chiat-Day, and Temerlin-McClain, beginning as a storyboard illustrator and served in both senior copywriter and senior art director roles.

The Digital Advertising Agency Model

From 1999 to present, Bret has had tenures with tm:interactive, Huge, imc2, and iccentric - and continues to work with many advertising agencies on a freelance and contract basis (website, microsites, rich-media, flash, animation, hand-held user-interface design).

A Backbone in Honor and Integrity

In 1986, he joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve as a way to dive into target audience insight for a military campaign he was assigned and then activated to war in 1990 and served eight months as a Sergeant with 2nd Marine Division leading a combat platoon against the Iraqi Republican Guard to regain control of Kuwait. Bret Stout is a combat-decorated Marine Corps Veteran with eight (8) ribbons and four (4) medals.

The Art Curator

Bret took a temporary hiatus from advertising in the late 80's, early 90's to open the Stout-McCourt Gallery in Dallas, elected to the post of VP of the Dallas Art Dealers Association.

The Children's Book Writer

Bret Stout is also a writer and illustrator of children's books that teach young children a new way to see the world around them to stay safe from strangers and other dangers -

The Press

Bret has also been featured in many publications, including Communication Arts, Advertising Age, The Dallas Morning News, DMN High Profile, DMN Today, Detour, AdAge MediaBistro, ArtNews, SMU Daily Campus, Star-Telegram, D Magazinem Dallas Observer, and the Fine Arts Index.


You can also view more information about Bret Stout's career and read testimonials of his work by viewing his Linkedin Profile


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Read even MORE about Bret Stout >